There is no one size fits all when it comes to regulations

Remember that startups make up the majority of cannabis businesses in this young and booming industry. Many companies in the cannabis industry are small. This means that employees need to have a strong work ethic, be flexible and be able fill in the gaps when the business is still starting. With constantly changing laws and regulations and the shifting landscape that comes with any rapidly-growing industry, adaptability is a crucial skill. The state regulations can change a sales model or marketing strategy. This is why cannabis businesses and their employees have to be flexible. If you have the ambition and drive to succeed, and are willing to adapt, this changing landscape can offer tremendous learning and growth opportunities for the industry.

In any industry, networking is valuable, but cannabis has a culture that is full of passionate people. You can find meet-ups or events in almost every state where recreational marijuana is legal. Meeting other members of the cannabis industry is a good way to get cannabis hiring information and make new contacts. Ask cannabis professionals about their careers, how they got there, collect business cards, and express your interest in a career in cannabis. Meet-ups, conventions and events are a great way for people to meet and make connections. Following up emails can help generate interest in the business and offer potential interviews.

You might like the idea of working with legal cannabis. You will be surrounded by cannabis every day if you apply for this job. This revolutionary industry can benefit from your direct, hands-on involvement. Because most of the marijuana businesses in today’s world are still very young, it is possible to be promoted quickly. (Some workers in this industry report that they have seen their careers move quickly from entry-level to supervisory or managerial roles within three years.

Some of these professions require high-end credentials and very specific skills. Many others can be started even without experience. However, in order to be able to work with marijuana or its derivatives you might need a state permit, license, or badge. You should be aware that some jobs that use medical marijuana (MMJ), have more strict licensing requirements than others that do not involve recreational cannabis.

It’s difficult to find a better job than this in the high-paying field of medical marijuana. Master extractors often get high salaries because they possess a rare combination of skills. Their role is to ensure safe and efficient extraction of the marijuana plants. They are responsible for extracting the most precise amounts of THC (and/or CBD) from harvested cannabis plants. They are responsible for managing their lab facilities and complying with all regulations and safety standards. This career requires both a PhD and some engineering skills.

The reliable cultivation and maintenance of cannabis plants is essential for the success of any industry. Specialists who oversee large-scale grow operations are often well paid. Master cannabis growers are responsible for overseeing all aspects of cultivation, from cloning to crop nutrition to pest management and staffing. This type of job often requires interaction with law enforcement and compliance inspections. Master growers often receive high salaries and bonuses if they do their job well. The majority of people who choose this career have some knowledge in horticulture or botany, and also have extensive experience in cannabis cultivation.

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