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Giving your wife thoughtful gifts shows you love her and show how much it means to you. Gifts can increase our appreciation of our partners and can show our gratitude. There are many gifts you can give your wife to show appreciation, be it for Mother’s Day (or anniversary), birthday, or just “I love you”, we have plenty of ideas.

We’ve all been there. You have a busy schedule and holidays are right around the corner. But you still don’t know what to get. We’ve got you covered. This list is proof that even last-minute gift options can be thoughtful and unique. From clever subscriptions to practical gift cards, this list has it all.

Many can be emailed directly to the recipients, with some available at stores with 2- or 1-day shipping. To ensure they open the gift, you can repurpose this clever idea. You can send Murray’s cheese and satisfy their desire for creamy brie, or gouda, with a monthly subscription. They will love gift for him receiving fresh cheese delivered directly to their home, as well as detailed information about the flavors and recommended beverage pairings.

For newbies, you can choose from Classic Cheese of the Moon for Cheesemonger’s Picks of the Mon. A month-tomonth subscription can be purchased or you can pre-pay to get a three-month subscription. Access to the ultimate jewelry collection that includes top designer brands like Kate Spade or Gorjana will be granted. Rocksbox delivers three pieces every month. Each piece is chosen by a personal styler and shipped free of charge. There are three options for membership: one, three, six or twelve month.

You know someone who is pregnant? They can get a monthly supply Honest’s premium diapers, and wipes through a flexible bundle subscription. The bundle offers three diaper types: everyday, overnights and training pants. It also includes custom sizes that can be matched to your weight and age. Honest recommends ordering up if you’re in between sizes. Each pack contains more than 100 diapers. They also have the option to personalize their diapers using a number cute design options.

It’s hard for people you don’t know to pick the right gifts. You should aim for something that doesn’t create clutter, isn’t just decorative, but is something they actually need. Let’s be clear: Mother’s Day will soon be upon us. Please make sure you check your order ASAP to avoid delays and/or losing precious time.

There are some useful, yet practical gift options you may be tempted buy. However, let us warn you from the more obvious. While socks, plain phone chargers, or gift cards can be useful, they are not the best gift choices. Candles or coffee mugs, notebooks or hand-soap set can look so drab that they end-up in a donation box, getting re-gifted, gathering dust in the cupboard, or worse, in a trash bin. It’s almost impossible to give away gadgets such as those that claim to clean your iPhone.

We searched Amazon and other retailers to find unique gifts that would be appreciated by family, best friends, colleagues, or yourself.

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